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Reece’s French Vanilla Cream

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Reece’s French Vanilla is named after our little miss! She’s very sweet, extremely helpful, nurturing and a great teacher to her little brother! Reece starts every day with a great attitude towards life, however, don’t let her fool you; she has a sassy side too! This strong willed sassy girl comes out sometimes, especially when she needs to keep her brothers in line! When we thought of naming French Vanilla, Reece was the only choice! She’s plain and vanilla on the outside, however when you get to know her she is anything but, and that’s what makes her awesome!

Reece’s French Vanilla is a perfect vanilla! The flavor mixes well with pretty much everything, and of course moonshine! However, when we taste this flavor we think it pairs best with your favorite coffee!

34 PROOF/750 ML

1 review for Reece’s French Vanilla Cream

  1. Sarah

    My dad recently visited the distillery while he was on a trip and brought me back a few different bottles. I opened the Vanilla Cream tonight and OMG is it good! I can’t wait to try the other flavors he picked up for me! I’m going to have to figure out how to get more down here in SoCal.

    • marcottedistilling

      Keep us posted on the other flavors he got you! Oh, and just for the record, we can ship.

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