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Janelle’s Pralines and Cream

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Janelle’s Pralines & Cream is the second product named after our favorite co-founder! She tried Pralines & Cream and it was love at first taste, and who are we to deny her of this namesake! Pralines are BIG deal down in the South, but not so much here in the Northwest. In fact I had to look up what exactly this pralines were, I guess maybe I should get our more. We think this flavor is amazing just like the gal it’s named after and it will definitely be a pillar of our specialty cream lineup.

Janelle’s Pralines & Cream will knock-your-socks-off! The first scent is a delicious caramel, then moves to the decadent nutty pralines and is enhanced by the dreamy cream. This is perfect for sipping, and will not disappoint!

34 PROOF/750 ML

1 review for Janelle’s Pralines and Cream

  1. Kimberly Cleveland

    Addictive over Lochmead’s chocolate ice cream with walnuts.

    • marcottedistilling

      Awesome idea! Thank you for sharing Kimberly.

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