The story of where it

All began


We choose a path

My wife asks "what am I going to do with the rest of my life". Good question. So we picked a path and started researching.


Where to go from here

After gaining great success in trucking for 5 years, our family decided to sell our trucks and find another path in life.


State and Federal

After hours and hours, months and months, and what seemed like years, we finally felt comfortable to start making product for customers and applied for our permits.


Moonshine Here we come

After heavy thought, we decided to create our own niche with moonshine. We spent hours and hours, late nights, weekends, researching, and researching, and even making product in our kitchen.


Grand Opening

We finally open our doors! We were able to create 4 amazing products, with 3 more product on deck to arrive shortly after. Now we crossed our fingers hoping for a crazy ride.


We are a legit distillery

Now we are legal and ready to start the final phase, to permit our tasting room and retail store. Long story short, it would take over 7 months of permit process, which wasn't ideal.