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His name is actually Kevin, but for those of us who know him best he goes by Dale. Dale is my oldest friend and received the nickname from his brother as a joke when we were little kids and the name just stuck. We met in kindergarten and I will be honest, our first sleep over did not go well, but we have stuck it out for 30+ years and a ton of memories, and we are still running together. Cheers old friend! Read More…

Dale’s Butterscotch reminds us of our favorite childhood candy! The flavor has the perfect balance of butter, cream, vanilla, and a hint of caramel that shall please all candy lovers.

50 Proof/750 ML (OLCC #5448B)

4 reviews for Dale’s Butterscotch

  1. Angela

    I suppose I’m pretty partial considering Dale is my hubs. I do love this flavor the most. Im always willing to taste a shot of Dale’s Butterscotch. We keep a bottle in our home. I know a few family members from Spokane to Waldport that LOVE IT!

    • marcottedistilling

      Tell Dale burn season starts today and it’s the perfect time of year to crack open a bottle of Butterscotch!

  2. Jason

    You have to really hold back – it is very easy to drink. Great stuff!

    • marcottedistilling

      Dale sent me a text yesterday and told me how excited you were about our product. Cheers, and thank you for the message Jason.

  3. Anna

    I NEVER finish full bottles of hard alcohol–I don’t drink too often and I typically get bored of a particular alcohol pretty quickly, but I got to the bottom of Dale’s butterscotch moonshine with no problem! Very smooth, great taste, can drink it straight or mixed in with any coffee or tea! I’ll be back for another plus more flavors!

    • marcottedistilling

      Thank you very much for the compliment. You are welcome to come see us anytime, and after all this chaos blows over you should come see us for cocktails. Be safe out there.

  4. Brian Bennett

    So delicious over ice and is our go to for our daily retirement happy hour with gourmet cheese and crackers. This could be the breakout moonshine for Marcotte Distilling. We look forward to Marcotte’s moonshine coming to Washington. Two bottles is not enough but don’t ask how I know that.

    • marcottedistilling

      Thank you very much for the compliment Brian. We are looking in to getting our product into Washington so if you know any tricks to do so please let us know! Have a great day.

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