Rabbitt’s Copper Moon

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Rabbitt’s Copper Moon is our first small batch aged product with the help of Rabbitt himself. Rabbitt is a nickname he got long ago, and we will leave it at that since he would probably whoop me if I told you his real name. I met him 30 years ago as a customer of my mom’s clothing shop and then again when he became a driver for our company. Don’t let him fool you though, he’s very high maintenance, but he is a darn good driver and he definitely grows on you.

Rabbitt’s Copper Moon is finished to perfection by using a Hungarian oak barrel. While the medium toast oak barrel has a high perceived vanillin content, it also shows notes of roasted coffee and chocolate.

80 PROOF/750 ML (OLCC #5855B)

1 review for Rabbitt’s Copper Moon

  1. Daniel Sellars

    Extremely smooth but just enough character to make it a pleasant sipper.

    • marcottedistilling

      Thank you very much for the comment Daniel. We hope to see you back again soon.

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