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Bonni’s Butter Brownsugar Cream


Bonni’s Buttered Brown Sugar is named after the one and only, Bonni. She plays a tastemasters role and if you’ve tried our products, she has probably poured you a sample or two! She is small but mighty and FULL of personality. Bonni is Joe’s mom and very much part of the family business, and not only is she an asset to our team, but she is also a fantastic Grammy to our kiddos! Cheers to Bonni, thanks for everything!

Bonni’s Buttered Brown Sugar is an absolute delight! Upon first inhale you pick up on the buttery brown sugar scent. The flavor is as amazing as expected, it’s rich and delicious first with the dreamy brown sugar then a soft buttery finish. We are pretty excited about this delicious creation!

34 PROOF/750 ML


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